Friday Five – 5 Things About Race Day

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5 Things about Race Day’s

I’ve done a few races now.   I have a bit of a ritual as I think most of us do when it comes to our race prep.   Race prep is just as much as a mental prep as it is a physical one.   Neither one can or should be ignored.  If you are physically prepared but your head isn’t in the game, you may still have a bad day.   Obviously, you can be as mentally prepared as you want but without being physically ready, you might as well stay home.

Here is my all important check list

1.   Besides the standard carb loading, I also like to increase my water consumption leading up to a race.   Just a day or two ahead of time.  Now I’m not talking chugging extra gallons of water, because that won’t do anything except make me bloated.   I’m just talking about adding a glass or two throughout the days leading up to the event.  The reason that I do this is because as anyone who knows me can tell you,  I am a massive coffee drinker.   Massive.   I just feel like some added water evens it all out.  I should probably do this everyday, but I do feel it more important near race day.

2.   Not only plan out my race attire, but lay it all out including Bib number.   I am a visual person and I need to see it all together down to my Garmin.  This way in my sleep deprived state all I need to do is go to my preplanned pile.   It’s all thought out ahead of time and there is less chance of forgetting anything.   I really don’t know anyone who doesn’t do this unless, of course, you don’t pre-prep.


3.   Plan my morning “breakfast.”   Usually races require an early start.   This means no time for a big breakfast and who wants that when you will then need to search porta-potties because you ate too much.   My normal go to breakfast is a breakfast bar with a banana.   This way I can eat it while I’m getting ready or in the car.

4.  Have coffee.   I’ve said it before, I drink massive coffee.   Hey, it’s good for me.  Right?   Anyway, race morning is no the day to go through caffeine withdraw.   Even though I am not a morning person, I will wake up at least an hour early to allow time for my morning coffee.

5.  Post Bakery Snack – We have been doing a lot of racing in NYC.   Most of them are near Central Park.   We park in the same vicinity every time.   This way at the end of every event; we come out to Magnolia’s Bakery.  Somehow, you don’t feel as guilty eating a million calories after a run:)   There have been times we have said we wouldn’t stop, but like on Auto Pilot our feet bring us right to the street and we stop anyway.   It’s almost like every road leads to the bakery:)


What do you do Race Day?

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