You Know Your A Runner When….


  1. You get ready to leave for a run and say, “I’m going for a short run today.   I’m only going 3 miles.”
  2. When you have more running clothes than any other type of clothes.
  3. When you think nothing of ringing a friends bell to use her bathroom because your out for a long run.
  4. You buy your GU by the case
  5. You have more running shoes than days of the week
  6. You consider your running time your me time and guard it accordingly.
  7. You think the best way to help your sore legs is more running to “work it out.”
  8. You are not only willing but excited to spend 15 minutes getting dressed for cold weather because it means you will be able to get your run in no matter what the thermometer says.
  9. You match your pedicure nail polish to the shade of blue one of your toenails is already colored.
  10. You check to see if there are any races taking place where you plan to vacation.

How Do You know Your a Runner….

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