All By Myself…..

I’ve been bad.

I’ve been negligent.

I’ve fallen off the wagon.

I’ve eaten more cookies than one person has a right to eat.

I’m going to do better and get back into my routine.    I miss my routine.   I need it too.


This recently became very apparent when due to not having an outlet for daily stress,  I just picked up and went for a 4 1/2 mile run.   Wouldn’t be out of the ordinary, but not only was it  pouring rain (not just rain, but pouring rain); it was also mid morning of Christmas Eve.  I could and should have been doing other things.   My body needed it and so did my mind.   I played no music as I had my phone wrapped up for it’s protection and just ran with my on thoughts.   I wonder how I processed things before I ran.   Maybe I never did.   Who knows?   Although my sister did say that I have become more insightful this past year.  I really do believe the running has helped.

Some people meditate.

Some people do Yoga.

I apparently Run.

All By Myself.

There is something to be said to taking time for yourself not just for exercise but to be alone with your thoughts. To carve out a part of the day, just for yourself.   It’s not selfish either. Sometimes it makes or breaks your day.   This is not to say that every run needs to be a meditative run if you will, but when you need time with your thoughts there is no better way that I know to work it out.   Pounding the pavement doesn’t hurt either.

So I need to get back to my routine.   Maybe even figuring out what that will be would be helpful.

The funny thing though is that once other people start to identify you as a runner,  they will expect you to run.   If they are a runner too, they might even expect you to run with them leading to more running.   When my sister used to come to town from California, she would ask to go out to breakfast or visit the local downtown.   Now she informs me that we need to go running as it’s my fault I talked her into signing up for a half.    Not me?    I would never do something like that.

Oh wait, I do that all the time.


And since I’ve already poured some kool aid for myself thinking that I might be in for the NYRR 9 plus 1 next year, it’s time to get myself on a schedule and out the door again.  Besides now that both my body and mind are used to the running time, they don’t function as well without it.

Break time’s over.

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