2015 Here I Come….

We all do it.   We all start of a New Year with much hope, high expectations, and big goals.   I am no different.   I’ve been thinking about where I want to take my fitness goals in the New year.    I’m not sure that I will accomplish these goals, but I’ll be ok with that too.   As I’ve said before……..


So I’m going to dream big.

I’m also going to use these goals as a guide to push me closer to where I would like to be.

If I don’t reach all of these goals, I can always strive for them the following year.

The secret to life is just never giving up!!

(or at least that’s my secret)

No matter what just keeping pushing forward.

So what are these lofty Goals that I Have for 2015

  1. Complete the 9 plus 1 setting me up for NYC Marathon in 2016
  2. Run a Half Marathon in 2 hours which means I will have to shave 6 minutes off my PR now.    Good thing I will have all year to work on this one.
  3. Complete the Iron Girl with a better time from last year or at least better swim time.
  4. Run my first trail Half
  5. A Bib a month Challenge – Complete at least one event a month 5k, 10k, HM, Tri just something.   Doubling up in other months will not count.

These seem like doable goals and actually all go hand in hand, because if I’m doing the 9 plus 1, I will need to run 9 races.   The hardest one out of all of these to reach, I believe will be the HM time.   I’ve bought a plan already through Training Peaks.    So when the time is right, I will dust it off and use it.    Although it would be cool to have that time for my April HM on my Birthday, I’m not sure if that is just going to be a fun tutu race or not.    I’ll work that out later and if I fall short of my goal chances are I will still get a nice PR out of it so win win:)


So I’ve defined them and put them in writing.

I’ve even shared it with all of you here.

You know I want it and believe they are possible.

I’ve got a plan, will continue to review, schedule and do it!

What could go wrong?

Hoping my running buddy doesn’t disown me.

Yes, you Dawn:)

Do you have any fitness goals for 2015?

Have you told anyone yet?

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