Holding It Together

So there is a heavyness that it starting to press on my chest.   It started this morning as this is the day I am planning to get all my sh*t together.   Ok, I will never have it all together, but this is the day that I plan to get all my gear together for this weekend.   I need to start getting it together today as tomorrow and Saturday morning is just going to be crazy as normal in my house.

Tomorrow night we are going out with my Middle Guy’s soccer team to celebrate them winning their league championship.

Yeah Middle Guy~

  Then Saturday morning I have to wake up early and take Big Guy and Little Guy to pick up their Scouting for Food Bags.   Shortly after that I’m off to Philly.

I admit it.   I’m nervous.   I’m nervous more than I thought I would be.   I can’t really put my finger on it either.   I’m not nervous about finishing as I think I will.   I’m not worried about my time as that will be irrelevant to me as long as I finish.   What I’m really most nervous about is how I am going to feel afterwards.   One of my running friends told me that she doesn’t think that she will ever do a Marathon because someone she knows did one injuring herself and now can’t run.   That thought actually never occurred to me (until now).

Yes, I’m expecting blisters.

I’m expecting pain.

I’m expecting sore muscles like never before.

Why am I doing this again?  lol

What never occurred to me though is that I could injure myself and not be able to run again.

You know I worry about my foot.

Now, I know that I am being silly because I know  A LOT of 1 percenters.

Not the rich 1%, but the 1% of the population that has run marathons.

None of them has ever been permanently sidelined.

So I need to stop freaking myself out.

I need to start focusing on the important things, like

What to wear?

Yes, that is always important.   Seems like the weather is going to cooperate!

But since I won’t be home, I do need to make sure that I take extra just in case the weather forecast is wrong

because we all know that never happens:)


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