You Asked me What???

As I’ve mentioned before, the word is out about next weeks Marathon.

Yes, Next week?

Whose freaking out???


But I digress….

Anyway, it really is interesting some of the questions being asked me about my Marathon attempt.

The first one always makes me scratch my head.

Do you think you will finish???

Really, did you just ask me that????

Do I think I can finish?

Maybe.   I hope so.   I’ve been running my @ss all over town, so I have a pretty decent shot of being able to finish.   I didn’t just decide on the fly (ok that part is true) to run this race.  It’s not like I was sitting on my couch eating a bucket of chicken and thought,  let me run a marathon.   I’m running it because I do think that I can finish it.   It might not be pretty.   It sure as Hell is going to be hard, but I do think I can do it.  Thanks for asking though and planting another seed of doubt.

Question 2

Are you going to run the whole thing?

Really.    If I answer that I may walk a few steps does that somehow diminish the fact that I will be moving 26.2 miles in around 5 hours or so?    I don’t think so.   Besides, there are people whose whole running strategy is based on walking every couple of minutes (think Jeff Galloway).    When I ran my last Half Marathon, there was a guy in my pace group who was following the Jeff Galloway plan.   You know what, he finished with his pace group.   He finished well too.   So the fact that someone walks (and I might even though I’m not following this plan yet), does not take away from anything.   26.2 miles is 26.2 miles.

Will you place for your age group?

No.   Not even close.   Yes, for elite athletes and some this is important and what they train for.   But most of the people I know, it is more about competing with themselves than worrying about placement.  The competition is with your own PR, bragging rights and not everyone else.   We are all just running the best we can at this point in our life.

One of my many motto’s is

“There will always be someone faster than you and with any luck there will always be someone slower.”

Middle of the pack is a nice place to be.

But even if I were to come in dead last, I still finished:)

My personal favorite


That’s a loaded question.   I don’t really know what inside me is driving me to do this.  I think that might require more time and maybe a therapist couch to dig that deep:)   It’s just what I want to do.   Everyone has something that they make time for in their life that they enjoy.   This is my time.   This is what I want to do.   The better question is…..

Why Not?


What is your favorite question you’ve been asked about your fitness journey?

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