One Hot Mama!

I must admit that I am one Hot Running Mama!

Unfortunately for me, I am Hot as in I heat up as I run


not Hot as in “Wow look at that Mama run:)”

This makes running in the cold difficult for me as I want to dress appropriately, but I also don’t want to give myself heat stroke.

What to do?

What do do?

Well first I’m going to link up for Cold Weather Running Tip Friday Five

through You signed up for what, Eat Pray Run DC

and Mar on the Run!

Then I’m going to plan my cold running strategy.

Last year I will admit, I was a bit of a baby when it came running in the snow and cold.

Not like one of my awesome running on a streak, more motivated than anyone I know, Running Mama’s!

Case in point

1501370_10152175688448293_930430258_o 1557393_10152175688498293_252443625_o

This is a woman who knows how to dress and run in anything.

Proven by the fact that she is almost at a year of her running streak without missing a day.

She’s more reliable than the Mailman!

Me, not so much.

But seeing as I’ve already signed up to do a half in Central Park in January, I better get it together.

What I do know is that I’m going to need to go shopping!

Boo Hoo

Just kidding!

1.  Proper Running Jacket!!  – I  need one that will be breathable, will keep me dry, and isn’t heavy.   I think I may get it and wrap it up for myself for Christmas (but of course using it right up till Christmas Eve)!

2.   Hat –  Normally,  I run with a bolder band and they do have some new winter ones that I will try; but it really is important to keep the head covered and the ears!   Don’t forget the ears. Love my running hat with a slot for my pony tail too.  It’s the little things that make me happy.

3.  Chapstick – Yes, chapstick.   Do you want to spend all winter with chapped lips?   I don’t think so.   Don’t forget to apply it before and during your runs.

4.  Yatracks – Although, I bought them last year, I haven’t tried them yet;  I know they will get a workout this year.   It’s hard enough running with the roads clear, I don’t want to worry about falling in the snow/ice!

5.  Layers, Layers, Layers – As I said, I’m a hot Mama, so I need to be able to cool off even when it’s cool outside.  In the fall, I’ve discovered the joy of running in arm warmers.   This way once I warm up, I can take them off while running and loop them into my belt.   So not only layers, but layers you can easily take off and still run with unless you have a place to stash your running clothes on the fly.   (although, I have mentioned to my friends that might just happen at their house:)

So now I’m off to see what everyone else is doing and get some more ideas how not to freeze my behind off this winter!

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