What Makes a Runner?

I will admit some people are literally born to run.  They have the long legs and lean shape that makes pushing through the wind an act of beauty and ease.   Now just as everyone who was given the God gift of a runners body does not like to run, many of us who are not so lucky also choose to run.

I am one such person who was not born with a runners body nor do I have any hope of developing one.  I am not even remotely close to being tall at my 5 foot 2 which may also be a slight exaggeration.   I have short legs and I do not have the lean physique of top runners.  You would never look at me and think, “Wow, she must be a runner!”    I will let you in on a little secret though.   I am still a runner.

The Webster definition of a runner is as follows:


noun \ˈrə-nər\

: a person who runs as part of a sport, for exercise, or in a race

There is nothing in this defniton that says that says that I can’t be a runner.   I meet the criteria.  I run both for exercise and in races.  So check, I’m a runner.  I don’t even need to do the races and I still qualify.   I have the desire and heart to be a runner and that’s all it takes.   I may never (and there really is no may in this sentence) be more than a middle of the Pack runner and I’m ok with that.  I’m still a runner and that is all that matters.

I have even been told that I must look funny running fast (that being a relative term) because of how short I am.   Well I have never crossed a finish line where they asked for my height, so that really doesn’t matter to me.    And if you have seen some of the things that I’ve worn while running, you know that I really don’t care much about looking silly or others opinions too much.   I run for me and I hope that you have the confidence to run for you.

I think often we limit ourselves with thinking we can’t do something because maybe we don’t fit the traditional mold.   I hate molds.   I hate limits.   I like to push limits and prove that I can do things that both myself and others thought that I could never accomplish..   The worst thing that we can do in life is let others expectations and views define us.   We need to break the molds and be who we want to be letting no ones keep us from reaching for the stars.

Do you push your limits too?


6 thoughts on “What Makes a Runner?

  1. I loved this! I don’t fit the mold of a runner either. I’m chubby and have flat feet and my entire life I’ve been told I run like a duck. Well, this duck is going to do a half-marathon next spring!

  2. I loved this post too! My blog is entitled I AM A RUNNER, exactly because I finally decided to quit dancing around the fact that I am obsessed with running and just own it. One point that I’m not sold on though: long legs. I’m 6’2″. In swimming, it helps. Running, not so much. I don’t extend my stride to the point of using that length at all.

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