Strike A Pose!

I was taught by the Master (yes, I mean you Robyn) on how to strike a pose while running a race.   I’m not to her level yet, but I have come a long way from some of my race pictures.


Let’s see if I’ve got this right…

Keep your eye out for the camera people.

When you spot them – Big Smile, Raise your arms in the air and make it look easy.

Still working on that, but I will say that my photos from the Hat Trick came out much better (not all of them), than let’s say my photos from my Sprint Triathlon.   Part of that may just be the nature of the beast because it really is hard (at least for me) to look all together while looking like a water rat at the same time.   It’s a work in progress.   I’m still looking for a way to look good while doing a Tri.  (Yes, I may be that shallow.   Although, maybe not because I do still share those photos).

Case in point….


Anyway, I would love to show you actual race photos, but I really don’t have many during events except for the time a friends husband came and took pictures.   I have a few before selfies and maybe a couple after, but not many during.   Why is that when there are trained professionals throughout the course taking photos.   Photos that I now have been trained to smile and pose for.   Like this one from the Half at Runner’s World Festival.


I LOVE this picture!

I would LOVE to have a copy of this picture, but I don’t.

I also LOVE how the two guys behind me are showing how truly tiring running a race is at the finish line.  Therefore making me look that much better.

I hope I don’t get in trouble for sharing.  Don’t mind the dots…..

So if I love the way my pictures came out, why have I not ordered them?

Ok.   Let’s start with that I am a mother of three boys.  Two of them starting their braces and one of them in speech.    These minor things usually come before my race photos especially when I’ve already paid for the race which I certainly understand the cost there.   What I do not understand is why race photos are $60 to download or $45 to order 4 photos. And for the Hat Trick, its triple the cost.  Now I am not beating up on Runner’s World because the cost of Race Photos is across the board!

I further understand that they do need to pay the photographer for their time.   They need to pay to sort the pictures or what ever magical program is used to match the photo to me.   I get that there are costs.   I know that there is nothing free in this world and I’m NOT expecting free, but come on people.   Really 60 bucks!   I wonder how many people actually buy these photos.   I don’t know many. We LOVE to look at them.  We wait for them to be sent, but most of us  of the people I know don’t buy them.

Here is a thought….



I admit if the price was between $30 and $40,  I probably would be more tempted to purchase them.

I just can’t justify $60

Am I the only one who feels this way?

Do you spend the money on your race photos?

Would you buy them if they were cheaper?

Race organizers, please listen to us and I bet you will make more money that way and also have happier runners!

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