In the Game

It’s been a rough week to say the least, but I finally got my head back in the game!

I’m excited for tomorrow.
I’m nervous for tomorrow.
But most of all,
I’m ready for tomorrow.

My husband encouraged me to do it. There really is no reason not to do it. So, therefore, here I am all packed up, clothes out, 3 alarms set, and ready to go.

Got my race plan all mentally ready to go. Who would have thought that I need to remind myself to slow down, but that’s what I keep telling myself.

5K – Slow & Steady. Just warming up. No need to burn myself out as this is not my target race. This is not going to be a PR. This is just prep with a bonus medal at the end!!

10K – Run baby run! Anything I do will be an official PR as I’ve never raced a 10K. I’ve run enough training ones, so hopefully I can give it all I got and walk away with a smile. Plus some more bling!

If all goes well, I might even make it to my you guests soccer game too.

The plan is back in place. The laces are tied and all I need is to get some sleep:)


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