RaHat Trick Day 1

So I think if your putting on a running festival


you are Runner’s World Magazine, you pretty much should know what you are doing.

Guess what?

They really do.

  1. Great Expo
  2. Awesome Goodie Bag with pair of socks, nice hat, and some other stuff
  3. Bands and DJ’s out on the course playing great music
  4. Bagpiper out on mile 4 of the 10K to bring a smile to your face
  5. Water Stops as indicated
  6. Getting in and out for Parking easy
  7. Cold drinks and food at the end
  8. Easy tracking of finish times
  9. Port-A-Potties in the Right Place and enough
  10. Really nice course with lots of police and staff help
  11. All around a event run perfectly

Now that we know Runner’s World did.

Do you want to know how I did?

I’m going to tell you anyway!!

I really had two nice runs today.

On my 5K, I had to work hard on reigning myself in.   I was caught up in the moment and fun of it.   I, literally, had to tell myself to slow down (What the hell!   When did that happen?).    I reminded myself that this was not my targeted run and just warming up.   My goal for this race was to finish around 30 minutes because I did want the hour in between the two races today.  I finished in 29:39.   Slipped right in under the wire!

I started the 10K around the 9:30 marker.   Thought this would be a nice place to start.  I paced myself in the beginning as I sometimes go out to fast, but I didn’t hold back a lot.   I was feeling good and this was my target race, so I went for it!   Had some really good miles and I will admit that I sprinted when I hit the mile 6 marker (aren’t you proud, Jeanene?)  My goal for this race was to finish in just under an hour.   I finished strong at 57:19.

I’d do the Happy Dance, but I’m tired.

Came home to spend time with family (or was it do laundry).   Going back for a good night sleep at Mom’s.

Two Down.

One to Go!!


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