One Day at a Time


I had a plan.

It was all worked out.

  The Road Runner’s Hat Trick location is within a 10 minute drive of where my parents live.   I was going to make an adventure of it.   Sleep in late.   Sleeping till 7:00 on a  race day would feel absolutely sinful.   Have my Mom drop me off near the venue.   Have her pick me up when I was done with the expo.  Maybe take a dinner.   Back to her house early to get a good night sleep and basically repeat for the Half Marathon the following day.   Easy Peasy.

But Life really is never easy peasy.

Life is full of complications.

Some good. Some bad.   This is a mixture of both to be honest.   Good because my Father-in-Law was a wonderful man who did not deserve to suffer.    Good because he was a proud man who would have hated not to be able to do for himself as he always did.   Bad because we are left missing him.   Bad because we know how special he truly was.  Bad for so many reasons, but we remind ourselves that this is the way he would have wanted it.

 He was a man who knew what was important.   His whole world was his family.  He was married to the same woman for 58 years and they were still just as in love as when they first married.   No lies.   Just way too cute.   He worked hard and raised 9 children.   At the end he was surrounded by these children holding his loving wife’s hand with her name of his lips.   Not a bad exit in the whole scheme of things.

Well done, Pop.

Well done.

Rest easy and know that we will take care of Mimi and that you leave a legacy of love behind you.

This is not how this post was supposed to go either, but again things are complicated. This was supposed to be a cut and dry post saying that after all this time with my sole focus being on this event, my heart just isn’t in it.   I think you can understand why.    There will be no funeral at this time as he is being cremated.   There will be a service for him, but not yet.  The service will be a celebration of him.   Therefore, we are trying to keep a somewhat normal routine.   The boys have been going to school and their normal activities.  My husband thinks that I should run.  The boys have their activities this weekend and it was planned anyway.   Normal activity.

So at this time, I think I will run.   I’m going to go pick up my bib (bibs?) Friday as planned.   I will not stay at Mom’s.   It won’t be as convenient, but I think I should be home at night.   I think the boys need that or maybe I’m the one who does.   Race morning is for getting up early anyway.   Who knows maybe I will still drive to Mom’s and just have her drop me off.   The plan is still forming.   The plan is still evolving.

One Day at a Time.

2 thoughts on “One Day at a Time

  1. I think you should still run in his honor . He would want you to. You have worked hard for this and running is a great way to revel in his life. Do it for him. Sending lots of love to you.

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