Keep on Keeping on….Maybe

I’ve been counting down and training for what seems like forever.

The race is in my site.

Now with just being in days of achieving my goal, I may not run it.

I hope that I do because if I do that means that the unthinkable yet totally expected has not happened.   In the end though as fun and challenging as this has been, it is not as important as those I love.  If I do not race this weekend, it will not matter.   There will be other races.   Other challenges.   The biggest challenge in life though is to watch those we love in pain knowing we can not help, to be there when they need us even if it just means being there.   In my heart of hearts, I hope that isn’t this weekend.   I hope it isn’t this month.   I wish it never had to be, but that is not the way life works.

At this time that is all I want to say.

So for now, I will bury my head in the sand and continue with my prep for this weekend.


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