It’s Go Time


The  Hat Trick

In case your forgot or your new here, I’ve been training for the Runner’s World Hat Trick.   It’s just days away taking place this coming weekend.

So what is it?


Run a 5K (using as a warmup)

have an hour break

I hope

Run a 5K (this is my goal race)

Go home Sleep


Go back and run a Half Marathon (hoping just to finish decent)

This past weeks training was both brutal and effective.   I ran the following:

Tuesday – 4 easy miles   -Done   

Wednesday – 3 easy miles    – Done

Thursday – Rest

Friday – 3 easy miles    – Done

Saturday – 8 miles with repeats – Done

Sunday – 11 LSD 1:54

It really wasn’t that brutal, but I will admit I was exhausted last night.   What this last week of hard training proved to me though is that my legs can go the distance.   They did what needed to be done.   Each day I finished feeling good.   Feeling that I could go further and at the end of each run, I pushed myself to run hard.   My last two miles of my LSD run was at 9:19 and 9:16.    So my body is ready.   I think my mind is ready too.  I know I can do this.   Isn’t that what all this running all over town has been for?

So as the saying goes

It’s Go Time!

(Can you name the show where I’m stealing that from?)

Anyway, I’m heading out to Bethlehem today and I’m going to see if I can find the course and maybe get a sneak peak and do a drive by.   I’ll keep you posted!

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