Friday Fives: Five Favorite Foods

One of the blogs that I really enjoy,, is part of a weekly Friday link up to other like minded blogs  — a “Friday Five.”  Now for those that know me, you know I could not pass up a post involving food!    I could go on about cakes and chocolate and such, but this post is about the Five Foods that keep me FUELED during a long workout.   Therefore cake won’t make the list.   Although last night as I was mixing up a batch of Vanilla Fondant for a cake, I thought to myself a small piece would be perfect to fuel me before a big race.  I really did have that thought and although it would definitely give me the sugar rush that I need, it would not provide any other benefits and I might just crash and burn from the sugar high.   So I will save that for a tasty treat for afterwards (maybe).

I’m pretty simple when it comes to my go to foods.   I am a creature of habit and stick with what works for me.

1.  GU –   I will say when I first started out, the thought of sucking down a GU repulsed me.   I can honestly admit that I now look forward to them and am totally over the gag reflex I first had.   Might be that I discovered the yummy flavors now that I buy by the box from Amazon.   Can we say – Strawberry Banana and Salted Caramel!

2.  English Muffin with Peanut Butter – If I manage to get up early enough before an event, this is my go to breakfast.   The only problem is that I am not the type of person who can roll out of bed and eat.   So I have to get up even earlier which totally sucks and I hate.   Therefore, this doesn’t always happen.   If it did, I would be better off but I also can’t choke it down without some time to wake up.

3.  Fig Bar – Since I don’t always have time or am not always hungry enough for my Enlglish Muffin, I’ve started eating these Fig Bar’s that I found at Costco.  They have no fat, Non GMO, Cholesterol and Dairy Free and made with whole wheat.   Plus they taste pretty good, are filling, and do give me enough fuel to get going.

4.  Banana – usually I save these for after long workout in my smoothly, but if I am driving to an event early (therefore not eating), this is perfect for the car ride.   I will usually pair this with a Fig or Protein Bar.

5.  Waffles – This is only for when I am running from home at a normal hour (AKA – after the kids go to school).   Now, I’m not talking frozen waffles either.   I am one of those Mom’s that makes their kids waffles every morning for breakfast.   Now don’t roll your eyes at me.   It started because it is much cheaper to make a batch of waffles every morning than buy a box of waffles every morning which happens with 3 boys.   I can whip up a batch without a second thought now.   Besides I can pronounce all the words of the ingredients of my waffles:)    So on weekday mornings, I usually will eat a half of waffle.  No syrup. No Powdered Sugar.  Plain with coffee.  Lots and lots of coffee.

So there you have it.   These are my Five Favorites Foods that I must have to keep me going unless you count coffee which I don’t because coffee really is for survival overall.  Without coffee the world really would just stop spinning.

So now I’m off to read about what other people use to fuel during their workouts and get some new ideas.   Who knows maybe I will expand my horizons (but not till have next weekend:)



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