It’s Time To Get Serious!

Ok, I’ve been pretty serious about my Hat Trick Training (ya think?).   I’ve been following the plan.   I’m a good follower.   Probably because I wouldn’t know what to do otherwise and I’m committed to finishing.   I’ve also been following a very specific plan for this event since it’s not your normal weekend run.   The Intermediate Plan for Runner’s World Half-Marathon Hat Trick – 12 weeks from the people of Runner’s World.    Can’t get much more specific than that!!

Will the plan work?    Only time will tell and we’re in the single digits now!   9 DAYS!    It feels like I’ve been training for this forever but I guess only 10 1/2 weeks now.

Am I ready?

Who knows!

What I do know is I’ve been running my @ss off.   Too bad it didn’t also run off my pouch but that’s a different story.   What I do have from following this plan is  a sense of calmness.   I know that I have done all that I can do to prepare.   I have pushed myself.   I have ran through the pain.   I am ready to give it my all.  I really can’t ask any more of myself.

Will I finish all three races?

I do think I will.

I, honestly, don’t see why I wouldn’t baring any problems race days.  This last HM has shown me that when the going gets tough, I can keep going and really that’s all I need to do.   All I want to do is cross the finish line.

Again and Again!

That will be enough for me



How to prepare for life big events?

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