How I Think I Look When I run….

I admit it.   I’ve been feeling pretty proud of myself after Sunday’s Tri.    I had decent times.   I didn’t drown or have a heart attack.   These are very good things.    So I’ve been walking around with a little spring in my step.   I admit it.    Then the shoe dropped.


Now, I’m sure that we’ve all seen this before, haven’t you?


The reason this is beyond funny is because it speaks the truth!

Now there are people out there who can complete a Triathlon or Big Event and look cute.   I hate those people.  I know those people.  I’m good friends with some of those people, but deep down I still hate them.  I hate them because I am not one of those people.

Boo Hoo:(

So today with all my I’ve got this attitude, I check my email to find the dreaded email that my official race pictures are in.   Happily click away.


Look Away.

Look away!!

I would share these lovely photos with you, but I am not paying $60 for pictures that show me looking like I am just finishing up swimming, biking, and running all within two hours.   All I can say is that it’s pretty close to the above picture.

So I will leave you with a prerace photo where I may still look like I got up at 3:30 in the morning, but at least my face does not look like I’m grasping for air about to have that heart attack I mentioned.


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