How Big is That Pill?

I’ve always on and off taken my vitamins.   Usually, I start to take them either right before or after a Doctors visit.   This way I am not lying when I tell my doctor that I am or plan to take my vitamins.   Yes, I know I am no spring chicken.   I am reminded by that daily when I see my Freshman in High School’s friends and I know that they are kids.   I think it’s worse when I see “kids” that are in College and I think of them as kids.   When did I get to be sooo old.   But as Old people often do, I digress.   Back to the topic at hand.

My vitamins ran out.   I usually just take a one stop shopping women’s multivitamin with Iron.    I couldn’t find my normal one and ran across a box that caught my eye.


So I bought it. 

Figured why not?

  I’m old and could use the extra vitaminss.    They are huge!   I’ve got a months supply, so I guess I will have to do what I have to do.    Besides the size of the pills, I will say that the packets are something that you could easily put together if you were so inclined.  It includes:  2 multivitamin & mineral pills, 1 “bone support” pill, 1 “Energy Formula” which is a combo of B12 & a proprietary blend of roots and extract, and lastly the super huge “Super Omega-3” which causes me to have an after taste of Fish.   Don’t think I will be able to take that Omega-3 for the month.  GROSS!   Who wants to be tasting fish all day?  I have taken Fish Oil pills before and the good ones do not leave an aftertaste. (just saying).  I actually have some good Fish oil pills in the cabinet that I may substitute for this one.

So since I’m cheap and paid for these vitamins, I will take them or most of them. 

Yes, I know they are good for me.

Yes, I know that I am getting older

Blah, Blah, Blah.

All that being said, when the month is over I will go back to my normal one stop shopping vitamin.  Maybe continue with the Fish Oil that doesn’t taste like fish and add a yummy calcium chew in the mix.

That should help this old Mama’s bones from getting brittle:)





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