How Does My Hair Look?

So the final prep is coming together.   Making plans for packet pick-up.   This is why every mother athlete is a master coordinator!   Not only do I have to coordinate packet pick-up, racking my bike, and just getting all my stuff together;  I also have to coordinate this weeks soccer schedule.   Would be hard enough for a normal weekend, but this weekend the Little Guy is in his first soccer tournament which is a half an hour away.   It includes 4 games over two days.   Then Middle Guy also has his opening soccer game which will require car pooling (Thank God for car pooling).   Add to the mix that I need to make sure Big Guy gets up to see the sun too.   Dear Hubby will handle it all, but I just have to have it all mapped out.   Good Times.

I seem to have most of the coordinating done.   Now it’s time to focus on what I need.   Tomorrow morning I am going to take my bike out for a short ride.   This will give me a chance to make sure everything is in working order.   If not, I’ve got a problem:)   I also want to figure out how to properly use my Garmin 310 as it is designed to for 3 sport racing.  In between all that I’ve got to do some actual work around the home front (Did you know I’m also a baker?).   Some how it will all get done.   It always does.

I’ve been reviewing the Sandy Hood athlete information (always a good idea).   Looking at the courses which are very straight forward at this event.   No running or biking on the open road.   A closed course is nice:)   A flat closed course is even better!!     


As I’ve said before, I’ve done all I can do at this point.   Two days will not make or brake my time.   So what worries me the most (other than the swim, my feet, and the weather)?   My hair!   I’ve got flat hair.   I’ve got hair that does not do well without a brush even then it’s just passable.   It’s the kind of hair that knots just walking around town.  So after being crammed in a swim cap, then covered by a bike helmet and add in some sweet; you just know it’s going to be a good hair day!  Case in point, the hat.  I’m not wearing one this time.   I’ve been running with headbands recently and plan on using that instead of my hat.   Now I have never been truly a vain person, but I’m vain enough to wish for a flattering photo finish.   I’m really not sure if that is possible, but I’ve seen some good ones.   So I will just smile for the photo opportunity crossing the finish line and bask in the fact that I’ve finished another one.  

Oh and put my medal on too!

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