Yes, I know that I have to wake up t 3:45 tomorrow morning.

Yes, I know that it is 10:30 at night.

What I also know is that I always have a hard time falling asleep the night before a race.   So this time I am employing  new strategy.   Rather than go to bed early only to toss and turn.  I’m going to bed at 11:00 after a glass of wine.   I’m feeling tired after a day of running and think that I should be able to fall asleep.

Bag Packed – Check

Clothes ready – Check

Alarm set – check

Back-up alarm set – check

Friend texting me in AM – check

All systems go!

What a whirl wind today was too!   Blazing hot soccer game followed by mad dash to packet picked up.   Then off to rack my bike.   Got there just in time for downpour with a dose of thunder and lightening.   Wisely waited in truck till safe.   Quickly racked bike in the pouring rain.   Great location for bike too!   Second row in right on the end!!!

Off to do one more bag check and then off to a hopefully restful sleep!




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