When Worlds Collide!!

As I may have mentioned (ahem), Ive got this thing called a Tri this weekend which means that I am supposed to have a light week of training.  I’ve never really been one to follow protocol, but as I’m learning you really are supposed to taper the week before and event.   Some people swear by it.    I already figured that I would count my Tri as my long run on Sunday.   I think I might work slightly harder than I would on my normal long run.   Wouldn’t you agree?

Now, I’ve got my Hat Trick training plan that I’ve been following.   I have to say that I am pretty proud that I have followed it almost to the letter.  I may have switched a few days up, but for the most part I’ve been following the miles.   According to this weeks training plan, I am supposed to do the following:

5 easy miles – Check (ran 6.25)

Rest Day

5 easy miles

7 miles with 5 @HMP

9 miles

Originally, I was thinking that I would follow it for the most part.   Now I’m not sure.   This morning while running I ran into two of my seasoned running buddies.  Love that they switched directions and we got to run together. They both told me not to follow this weeks schedule.   Maybe just take a shake out run on Saturday.   I think they may be right, but it will be hard not to put on those running shoes.

So my plan for the rest of the week will be to have a rest day tomorrow.   Then Friday I think that I will go for a bike ride which will give me a chance to make sure my bike is up to snuff.   Then Saturday an easy 3-5 miles.   I really wanted to see how I did with the 7 miles, but I don’t think it’s smart to push it.    I think part of the problem is that since I had such a big running number last month, I was hoping to continue that 100 streak this month.   Don’t think that is going to work out, but there is always next month:)

One thing at a Time.

One Event at a Time.


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