It’s the Final Countdown


It’s almost here…….

The Iron Girl Sprint Triathlon!

I’ve been focusing a lot on my Hat Trick and my feet that I let some of the other stuff slide.   Important stuff like my swimming and biking, but too late now!   Oops.   Not much I can do about it now.  Although, it really doesn’t make me nervous.   It’s not like I’m an expert, but I’m comfortable enough to know baring any problems I will finish.   My goal is always just to finish.   Yes, in the back of my mind I have a number but done is done.

With just days away, there really isn’t anything that I can do now.

It’s the final countdown!

I’m doing what I can now to mentally prepare myself, because training will only take you so far.   I’m reviewing the course information as it is slightly different than last year.   The swim distance is the same 1/3 mile.   Doesn’t sound bad until your in the water.   I’m praying that the water is calmer this year.   Last year it was a beast.   This year they did change the bike course to 15 miles.   Then to bring it home with a 3 mile run course.

Easy Peasy

That is until I get out there!    I by no means think that this is going to be a walk in the Park, but I’ve been training all year.   So it is what it is.

As a recap here is Last years Time

Swim 23:13

T1 3:43

Bike 34:22

T2 3.34

Run 29:19

Total Time:  1:34:10

I’m not sure how it will play out with the extra 5 miles on the bike.   Hopefully, it will even out with a shorter swim time.   My swim for the NJ Triathlon 1/2 mile was 15.36.   With any luck my swim in the bay will be smooth and quick.  I’ve really got to get over not keeping my head down.   All year in swim lessons, I was good but when I get in open water I panic a little.   Not sure why, but I just can’t keep my head down and bring it to the side to breath.  I know I work harder keeping my head out.   I know then I don’t have a good swim stroke.   I know all these things, yet I have a problem.   A problem that I am working on.   A problem that hopefully I can beat this Sunday.

So the prep with continue.   I will go over the course.   I will pack a bag.   I will check my bike.   I will do all that I can.

It’s all a person can do.

Try + Athlete = Triathlete

That’s me:)

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