I’m Baaaaack!!!!

I’ve been away for sometime now.  I fell off the grid.    Since last we spoke, I’ve not only done my first triathlon, but a second with a third just around the corner.   I’ve also done two mud runs (Mudderella and Dirty Girl), a few 5K’s, and even a Half Marathon.  What started out as just something that I needed to do to prove myself has quickly spiraled into so much more.     I’ve made friends along the way that are helping me to improve not just my time, but also my skills.    My goal with every race is to finish.   I, of course, want to finish to the best of my ability; but finishing is my ultimate goal.  With every race that I finish, I am amazed at how far that I have come and further amazed by how far I still have to go.

I’m turning 45 next year and I think that may be the year I up my game to attempt to do an Olympic Triathlon and possibly even a full marathon.   The very thought of these things scares me, but motivates me at the same time.   Right now my whole training focus is on my next Iron Girl Sprint in September.   Then the following month I am going for  Hat Trick where I will run a 5K have about an hour break and then run a 10K.    Then go home eat, sleep, and get back up the next day to run a Half Marathon.    I toyed with just doing one of the races, but I wanted to take it up a notch (plus I might be slightly crazy:).

I realized that as my training progressed, I missed having a place to mull things over.   This is that place and I hope you will come along for the ride.

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