One good thing really does lead to another

Now that I have turned the corner and am serious about my excercise, I really have started to watch what I eat.   There is something about running on a treadmil or taking a spin class and knowing that you burned a couple hundred calories.    Then later you go to eat something processed.   Look at the wrapper and it’s 300 calories with half of them being fat.   You begin to question weather it’s worth eating.   Luckily for me, the stores are also packed with lots of healthy, tasty alternatives:)

I’ve been adding a lot of fresh fruit to my diet.   This means so has my family.   Every night with dinner, I have been putting on the table a healthy fruit salad.   Not only have I been filling up on a big bowl of fruit, but so has my family.    Last night my one son even asked why we have been eating so much fruit.    That’s a good sign.

One of the problems though (not really) is that some of the snacks that I buy just for me, I’m finding that my children also enjoy.    As an example, the other day I bought myself to bags of large rice cakes.   I though that might be a nice treat since rice cakes of today are not the rice cakes we grew up on.    My oldest son comes out of his room where all teenagers hide.    Goes into the kitchen for a snacks and grabs some of my rice cakes.   I’m thinking he doesn’t realize that they are a healthy treat and I’m not telling him.   

But one good thing really is leading to so much more.   Not just for me, but for my whole family.     Children really do model their parents behavior and now, luckily they are modeling some good behavior too.

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