Respect the Run

Before I was a runner, I didn’t understand what this meant.   Even when I first started running, I really didn’t understand what it meant.    I think I’m finally getting to the point where I understand what it means to me.  Running on the surface seems like such a simple sport.   You put one foot in front of another and off you go.   But there is so much more to it that that.

I will say that I’m still rapping my head around the fact that I’m a runner.   I would never envision that that word would ever apply to me.   There are days, times, moments, and runs that I still don’t think it does.   When I see and read what other runners are doing, I think “well I’m not in the same league, so I’m not a runner.”   That is where I need to stop the doubts in my head because they aren’t true.

Running is truly an individual sport.   Yes, you can go to events and compete against others but the bottom line is that you are competing with yourself.   It is only human nature (or at least mine) to compare, but I am learning to stop myself.    As the saying goes,…….

running-11There is truth to this and ever runner needs to remind them of this now and then.

As I spend more time in my running shoes, I am learning to Respect the Run.   To respect the run is to respect my body.   To listen to it and know that not every run has to be perfect.   Not every run needs to be run at full force.   There are days where horror to horror (kidding) it is best to slow it down.    Respect the run.   Respect it enough to know that some days you are running for miles.    Respect the Run.   Some days you are running for training.   Respect the Run.  Some days are even about speed. Respect the Run.    But the best days are when you are running just for the enjoyment of it.

Respect the Run but never forget to take a moment and also enjoy the beauty of it.   Yes, there is beauty in putting one foot in front of another.

Respect the Run.

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