It had to be done…..

Well, it had to be done.   My husband knew.   My children knew.   Some of my friends knew.    It became apparent, it was time to tell my family.  

My mother and sister are now convinced, I am in over my head and they are very concerned for me.   Besides the fact that I am not in shape which I already knew.   Thy think that I might be in trouble when it comes to the swimming.     I had a conversation with my mother that went something like this:

Mom, ” Your sister and I were talking and we are worried about you.   We think that you might drown.”

Me, “Really?”

Mom, “Yes.”

Such is my life.   I had to explain to my mother that, no I have never swam a half mile before but I would be ok.   That if the Triathlon was next week, there is a strong possibility that I would be in trouble, but drown no.   I explained that there will be people int the water whose sole job is to make sure that me and every other swimmer who enters the water comes out.   I further had to explain that I will actually be training for it.   Really and truly.   I am getting ready now for my first class which not only will include an hour of classroom time, but time in the pool.   

I may be blonde, but I’m not stupid.   But thanks for the support:)


Live, Laugh, Love!

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