I have not only taken the plunge for real this time, but I am actually embracing it.    I, for years, have been stating that I had to get into shape.   And I mean other than the round shape I had morphed into after motherhood.   I have been very good about talking the talk, but not walking the walk.     What changed?   I’m not sure, but I am embracing it finally.

My husband had recently lost 20 pounds or so.   He did it through a strict diet and a routine of excercise.   He was very dedicated.   Now, you would think that would be enough to jump start me, but no it was not.   What did it?    I think the real catalyst for me is a conversation at dinner.   The kids were talking about Daddy being so good with his diet.   Hubby was saying that he did it not just to loose weight, but to be more healthy.    So I made the comment that I was also going to try to be more healthy.   The kids not only looked at me like I had 3 heads, but commented that I wouldn’t be able to do it because I’ve always been round.   Now maybe they didn’t say it quite like that, but that is how I heard them.   I will say that Dear Hubby did valiantly defend me:)   But I thought about it and I realized that my kids have never seen me in any other shape.   I wanted to role model good behavior and as a bonus I get to prove them wrong.

I further realized that part of my problem is that I just can’t work out at home.   Just can’t do it.   I’ve decided that I am a destination person.   So I joined a gym.   I have been going now for about a month and you know what?   I’ve descovered I like it.   I really like it.   Back in the day, I would go work out on an almost daily basis.   Now, mind you that was before kids and the caos that comes with them.   That being said, my kids are getting older.   Little Guy is in half day kindergarten every day.   I really have no excuse.

I have been going to the gym now for about a month.   I actually have been doing bootcamp too!   It is a killer workout, but I am slowly, slowly starting to discover my muscles again.   I know this because they routinely are sore.   This means it’s working, right?    My jeans are feeling less snug as a bonus.

To take it up another notch, I have decided with some friends to do the Danskin Triatholon in September.   This will keep me focused and give me a goal.   This is something I need.   When I turned 40, I told my husband that I would do a triathlon.   He replied that maybe I should start slow and just work out.   He was right, of course.   40, 41, 42, and almost 43 have come and gone and I did nothing.    I’m doing it now though!   So in September when I am 44,  I will be able to say I ran my first Triathlon.   Who knows during training, I may run some local 5K’s.   But I’m not pushing it!  Or am I……..

Live, Laugh, Love!


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