Let the Training Begin!

I guess you can say that my training for the Triawoman Triathlon has official begun!   This weekend I attended a Swim Clinic.   It was an hour in a classroom followed by an hour and half of pool time instruction.    I went into the class pretty confident in my swimming abitlityt.   I grew up in and around pools.   I love to swim, so how hard could it be I though?

I left the classroom realizing that I really knew nothing of proper swimming techniques.   Who knew?   Not me!   I thought swimming was swimming, but if you want to do it properly there is so much more to it.   And to be honest swimming for a half mile in open water, I want to do it properly!   Like so many other things in life, I need to learn how to follow the old adage “work smarter not harder.”

I also know why they make you get in the pool right after the class, because if you didn’t you would probably go home and back right out of the triathalon.   I kept saying to my girlfriend, “what did you get me into?”    But we got in the pool.    Learned how to breath in water.    Do you know there is more to it than it sounds?   I didn’t.    We learned how to breath with water in our mouth and how to breath while swimming.   Good stuff.   Good stuff.

Now, this week I will spend time doing laps using the techniques (hopefully properly) that I just learned.   It is no good to know the technique if you don’t have the endurance to swim.   


Live, Laugh, Love


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