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I’m a Little Bit Country, but now I’m also Little bit Rock N Roll

Part 2 – Grete’s Gallop Run NYC

I’m a country girl at heart.  I grew up with space.   I grew up with trees and mountains.   Life in the Burbs feels too congested for me sometimes.   I have a sister that lived in The City (NYC – because there really is no other city like it).   She loved it.    She still misses it.   Now don’t feel too bad for her as she is now living in sunny California, but it’s different.   I really never understood her love for The City until this weekend.   Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy going into The City on occasion, but I honestly didn’t get what the excitement was all about.

I will admit the thought of running in Central Park was very appealing to me especially after missing the opportunity to run the NYC Marathon that I told you about in https://accidentallyrunningmama.wordpress.com/2014/09/16/cant-always-get-what-you-want/

I’ve never dreamed about running in the city.   I’ve never really given it much thought.   Until recently.   Then when this chance came along I couldn’t pass it up.    I’ve only been on the outskirts of the park.   Never venturing in.   Didn’t think I was missing much because really what could The City have that a Country Girl would appreciate.  Now I get it.   I get why people dream of running in Central Park and NYC.   It’s an amazing experience.

The People

10690324_1497145117201625_3575926529110256613_nEvery race has people but there was just something different here.

Not sure if it was because of the sheer number of participants, volunteers, spectators,

and just people who could care less that you were running a half marathon because they came to enjoy the park themselves;

but this was different.

The Park

1208524_1497145103868293_2415875355252458864_nThis was the best starting line I’ve ever been to!

The Course

10698499_1496674013915402_4038269502547917188_nIt was challenging, interesting, and you really did get to see the park.

I really wanted to hurt someone and hurt them bad for constantly lying to me

telling me it was all downhill after the turn.

lies, lies, lies


It’s really is Picture Perfect

945019_10204089024858375_774358394750037621_nYou don’t get views of the skyline like this in the country!

Probably because there are no skylines like this in the country.

That’s why it’s the country:)

That being said, it is a spectacular view and I’m sure those that live in there don’t even notice it after a while;

but I did.

It really was spectacular!

It also helped that it was a beautiful fall day in the Park.


There’s still more:)