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Waiting is the Hardest Part

Tom Petty said it best.

Waiting is the Hardest Part.


Patience has never been my strong suit.   Never.   Even as a child.   I was the kid who would find her Christmas presents.  Then carefully open them.   Peak inside and then even more carefully wrap them back up again.   My Mother didn’t know until I was an adult that I did such things.    What could she expect though when she just kept them in a corner of her room?  But as often, I digress.

I am trying to become a more patient  person.   Having Children does help a little.  Although, admittedly, they try it more than I would like.   As an adult though, you can no longer open things before they are ready.   There are times when there is no choice but to be patient.   Gardening is teaching me that.   It’s hard, but I’m learning that I need to have vision.   I planted what hopefully will be a beautiful flowering and full perennial garden.

Garden3 Garden


But I want it now.

I must develop the

Vision to see what is not there.



Just because I planted in on Monday does not mean that it will be flowering by Tuesday.

I want it to, but that just isn’t the way life works.


Life will teach it to you whether you want it to or not.   There really is no other choice.   Everything happens in it’s own time and as much as we want we can’t make some things happen any faster.


My Plantar Fascitiis will teach me patience weather I want it to or not.   I would like to think that the Cortisone shot would make it all better and believe me it did make it better.   That being said it really is only a bandage.   Yes, I have been able to get out of bed the last two mornings without pain (yeah!).    Yes, I have been able to stand up without a shooting pain in my heel (yeah!).   But it’s not really over, I was reminded of that by mid afternoon when I felt some discomfort in my heel.


I must remember that just as it took a while for the pain to become part of my day, it is going to take some time for it to no longer be a part of it.


Just like planting flowers requires consistent watering and weeding to grow, recovery will require consistent stretching and mindfulness of it.


I will learn it.

I will master it.

I won’t like it, but what choice do I have.

As they say, the best things in life are worth waiting for.

Are you a patient person?


One Size Does Not Fit All

If only it were so that one size fits all, because then I could Google foot pain and know exactly what to do about it.   (Yes, we are talking about my feet again:).   Instead of finding a million different reasons, I could just be like this is it and move on.   I still think that it is because of the Royal Toe (yes, I’m sticking with the fancy sounding name instead of Morton’s Toe).    I just don’t think I’ve found the right solution yet.  It’s like a game of darts where I’m hoping to finally hit the bullsye to find the solution.   I’m making progress, but am not there yet.

Yesterday, I went for my long run (9 miles).   I made the mistake of trying out new inserts.  DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT try out something new for a long run!   On one hand (or foot) it worked in that I really experienced little to no pain in the ball of my foot or toes.   On the other hand (or foot), now the ball of my left foot hurt and is still sore.   It wasn’t till towards the end of my run that it started to bother me.   I even was experiencing discomfort in my right foot which had never bothered me.   By that point, I actually took the insert out of my right shoe and when I hit 9 miles I even took my shoes off to walk for a cool down.   This morning and yesterday I was more sore from my run and the ball of my left foot is still sore.   So now the question is which pain is easier to live with?

I will say too that my Splits yesterday were absolutely perfect if I looked at them backward!unnamed

I will say THANK GOD for my foam roller.   This morning one of the first things that I did when I got out of bed is to do some stretching with a band and then rolled.   Rolled some more for good measure and I will roll again through out the day.  For more good measure, I’ve taken some Motrin too.   I’ve never really had back soreness after a run, but I am a little sore there as well.   I, honestly, think that I may not have had the right posture due to the inserts.   Although, I’m thinking that I am going to try these inserts again, but not on a long run and not in both shoes.   I think I may need to do a combo of things with that damn smaller big toe, high arches, and little legs.    I’m getting closer to a solution or at least that’s what I tell myself.


I was looking over my running log and realized that in August I hit double digits for running.   100.09 miles!    Damn, no wonder my feet are sore:)