Slow, Steady & Moving Foward

One week in and 17 more to go, but training seems to be falling into place. Just so happens that a woman in my running circle is also planning to run NY. We are off similar ages and abilities. In talking to her, I explained the 80/20 plan that I am doing. She decided that is a good fit for her and the beautiful thing is that it seems like are fitness level and training zones are compatible, so it’s a go. We are doing slightly different plans, but we can make it work.

I forgot how good it was to run with people. I haven’t really done it in a long time even pre-covid. When people are training seriously even if they say “I will run whatever you are running,” it doesn’t always work out. They aren’t getting the training they need. You feel bad for holding them back or maybe worse run too fast which is worse than running too slow. So finding a training partner for a marathon where you can do many runs together is nice. Even better when you really like the person:)

So week one went well. I will say that holding back is harder than it sounds. All your life you are told to give it all you’ve got. ….To push yourself to the limits…..If you don’t push yourself who will. ……. I’m sure you can think of others that you’ve told yourself. It is always…. GO….GO…. GO.

Now it is…. Slow down. Don’t push it. Slow and steady. It’s harder than it sounds. More times than you would think this past week, it was “we are running too fast.” We need to slow down. We are breathing too hard. Now don’t get me wrong, with the heat and humidity in Jersey this past week slow and steady still was hard. The heart rate spiked a few times. Sweat happened. It was not “easy.”

Here is the thing though….. After this first week of running, there was not a run that when it ended I didn’t think that I could do more. I could run further. I could run faster. I also was able to recover from these runs which is key.

So as I dig deeper into this training, I really need to find out if the zone that my garmin is saying are the right zones. I also would love it if my heart rate didn’t seem to jump up quickly. To keep myself where I needed to be and bring my heart rate down, I would walk until I got back into the zone. So I need to work on this. It will come.

As I do this, I am also in the marathon of fundraising. It’s kind of like doing 2 marathons at once. I’m working on collecting auction items which after this last year you can imagine is not easy task, but onward I go. I’ve gotten some good ones already. (If you know of any, I’m all ears).

So onward I go….. Slow, Steady, and moving foward.

6 thoughts on “Slow, Steady & Moving Foward

  1. I am running with the 80/20 method too and agree that sometimes it is hard to go slow enough. I have found that my HR spikes at the beginning sometimes too. I just keep running slowly and it usually goes back down quickly. However, I do have a hard time staying in Zone 1 with any running. So, when the plan calls for 5 min zone 1, then 5 min zone 2, I just aim to stay in zone 2 for 10 minutes. Are you using Matt Fitzgerald’s marathon plan? I’m using his HM plan for my half in September.

    • Yes I am using Matt Fitzgerald’s plan. I really need to get going on reading the book which is my goal this week. I think where I am right now this plan is the best approach for me to avoid injury and keep myself going. Slow and steady still gets you to the finish line and it just might make me not feel like dying when I do:)

      • I read the entire book when I got it and it makes a lot of sense to me. I like his plans because they do have different workouts most days. The one I was using before was the same old – run 30 – 45 minutes on most days. I was getting bored and, being new to training for distances, I didn’t know how to change it up on my own.

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