Season of Our Life

After my last post, Olderrunner2 commented about “different stages of our life.” It reminded me of something my Mother ALWAYS said and still says about “The Seasons of her life.” She has used this espression for as long as I could remember. To be honest, I always found it somewhat annoying especially because often it was comparing which seasons we were in and her missing where I was at. When you are in midst of a harsh winter (think when you have 3 boys under the age of 6, you are only thinking about Spring). She would say to me, “Well I am at a different Season. You are in best Season of your life. While we obviously in different seasons, I’m not sure there is a best just different.

To be honest though, I never really got what she was saying and because we always were talking about her season, I never really thought about how mine would change. I never really got it.

I think I am starting to.

I always talk about the only real constant in life is change. That being said, I often think about it in small terms…. Not the season of life terms. Sometimes you think you are ready for all the changes, only to realize that you didn’t understand what was changing. Not that change is bad, but that you weren’t 100% prepared for it.

I think that is where I am now. Why I have been blowing in the breeze a bit. It is time to start thinking about what season that I am in now and prepare for it.

Stay tuned……..

2 thoughts on “Season of Our Life

  1. The great thing about the seasons is that they all have a different beauty about them. At least so far. I didn’t always see it at the time, but hindsight allows me to see it and have hope for tomorrow.

    And you know what….blowing in the breeze, finding a new way, is a season in and of itself. Since you seem to be searching, I hope you find your season soon and embrace whatever it brings.

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