Today is not That Day

Today is the first day of school for my boys.  My youngest started his last year in the elementary school.    As I stood at the morning drop off line dry eyed and wondering why the teacher’s were not taking the kids in when it was past time, I realized that I might have been in the minority with my dry eyes.   There was no nostalgia that he is the last of my boys who will be leaving this wonderful elementary school.  Nope.  Nada.   Maybe it will come.   Just not today.  Maybe it’s also because while my youngest is starting his last year of elementary school, my oldest is starting the process of looking at colleges.

I am not obtuse to the fact that one day I will miss these days.   That I will miss the chaos.   The running to and from.    The never having a moment to myself and that there is something that always needs to be done.   It is not that I don’t love my children.   Like any parent, I couldn’t imagine my life without them.   It’s not that I won’t miss  spending time with them and the adventures we share as a family.  All that being said, I’m in the weeds right now.

So today as I stood in the drop off line with my running clothes on, hair pulled back, and not a stitch of makeup, I realized that I might have been the odd man out.   That’s ok:)

I also know that there were a million and one things that I should do at home while the kids were at school today.   I know that “my job” is to take care of the household, but today Mommy need  a day off.    It has been a long summer and I haven’t had a day off in over 2 months.   No weekends off.   Nothing.   So today was my day.   I needed a day or at least a morning off.  By myself.  Period!


I totally justified a trip to do my 5 miles at the beach today since my Triathlon is there this Sunday.   Yes, I’m familiar with the area but I thought I would get a lay of the land.  Again.  It wasn’t even particularly a great beach day, but there is something to be said for sitting even briefly listening to the waves.   There is something to be said about an ocean breeze on your run.   There is something to be said about taking time for yourself.   It is not selfish.  It is self preservation.   Period.  End of Story.

So while I was only gone for a few hours, it was enough to charge my batteries.   To rejuvenate my spirit and to get in my run.


Do you ever sneak away for a run?




One thought on “Today is not That Day

  1. I’m always looking to sneak away for a run. A couple of years ago I took one day off work each month for at least 5 months in a row and just went off to run somewhere new. I should do that more.

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