Damned if You Do and Damned if You don’t

Believe it or not I’ve not only been getting my training in, but I’ve also been feeling pretty good while doing it too.   Who knew?   All it took was sticking to it:):)

One of the things that I’ve had to do to get my runs in is to run at night.   As I’ve said before I’m all about safety when I’m out running.    My goal is always simple….. To come home safely from every run.    This takes a little more when running in the dark than the basics.

Here is the thing though.  When dressed appropriately, I’ve had friends laughingly joke that they should hit me just because of how I look.    They are not alone at laughing at me.   My dear husband hangs his head in shame and laughs when he sees me getting ready for a night run.  When out for a run last night a little girl walking with her Daddy asked, “What is that?”

I do hope that her Daddy said just someone trying to be safe while running.

To be honest, I’m not sure what is so funny about what I’m wearing.   My night running go to is the Tracer360 and a headlamp.   My running pants usually have built in reflector strips and I usually wear bright colored compression socks.

Night Running

 I actually think this looks very appropriate for night running.

Here is the thing though.    If you have ever looked at any of my tutu running race photos you will clearly see that I will wear what I want when it comes to my running.  I am a bit of a round peg that can not be put into a square hole.  There might have been a time that i would have tried to fit into that square hole but not anymore.   I will wear what I want and it’s that simple.

Here’s the other thing if a runner is out running in the dark and not dressed appropriately and something happens, the first thing people will say is that they should have been more visible.   Tonight I actually saw two such runners.   One I didn’t even notice till we passed each other.   Not smart and not safe.   I hope seeing me made them think, “I should wear something/anything that will make me more viable.”

It’s funny as adults it seems like many times people don’t make the smart choice for a whole host of reasons.   Take bike helmets for example.   Outside of serious riders, how many adults do you see wearing their helmets?    Not many.   But how many of these same people would never think to not make their child  wear one.   Adults I know that don’t wear one because it will mess their hair, make them look like a dork, ect, ect.    I think there is a similar thing going on when it comes to night running.

Here is my question though to all those night runners out there wearing dark clothes, no reflective gear, no blinkies, ect, ect….


I recently went for my annual check up.    My doctor was asking the “Do you” questions.    She said something that I found amusing when talking about the flu shot.   She said, “Don’t die of something stupid.”    I think this applies here.

I’ll admit that it pisses me off somewhat too as I find that those who are out there not running safely give the rest of us a bad rap.   It also not only puts them in danger, but also an unsuspecting driver.    I have a new teen driver and I think about these things more than I care to admit.

I think the bottom line really is that people don’t know the rules of the road when running.   There is no test to hit the streets nor should there be one.    But if you are going to go out there running at ANY time of day or night, you should learn them.

Here are in my opinion the most important ones

  1. Run against traffic
  2. No headphones on roads/trails (I listen to music through phone)
  3. Run on the shoulder of the road and avoid high traffic roads when possible
  4. Be polite and respectful
  5. Wear reflective clothing/gear at night
  6. Be alert and prepared to get out of the way
  7. Run with ID
  8. Let people know where you are running and how long you will be gone


Safety first.

Because in a game of chicken with an oncoming car, the runner ALWAYS looses and I looses big.

It’s really that simple.







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