It Is What It Is……

My Coach recently wrote,

“Running is Simple.   Life is hard.”

I really think that she hit the nail on the head.   This quote resonated with me.     The act of running is simple and at it’s core is beautiful, freeing, and wonderful.     Life on the other hand is full of complications, busy, and not always your own.    Don’t get me wrong, it is also beautiful and wonderful and I wouldn’t change mine for anything.

Now to some it may seem that I am making excuses.   Some day’s maybe, but overall no.   The truth is running is supposed to be my stress reliever.   It is supposed to be my “Calgon take me away” moment.   (If your too young to understand that analogy, more power to you:).

Now don’t get me wrong.   I know many women who never miss a day of training.    Who come rain or shine get their workouts in no matter what is going on in their lives.   Maybe the truth is that I’m not that dedicated or good at balancing and timing.    Now I don’t mean that I’m not dedicated to my running, but I’m at a point where my training is not taking center stage.

Case in point…….

Yesterday, I had a cut-down on my schedule.   Had planned to wake up around 8:00 to go run it on the treadmill at the gym.    Hubby ends up taking the day off and I decide to have my coffee with him instead thinking that I will go in the evening.    The day progresses and I’m working on my youngest son’s cake for his birthday party.   Then hubby decides he’s going to do an evening fishing with his buddy.   Still think that I’ll be able to get my run in, but by the end of the day it gets away from me.   Now, I’m sure if I were super dedicated that I would have found the time to squeeze it in and maybe part of me wanted to avoid the dreaded cut-down.    That being said, a big part of me just wanted to be home with my family.

Now today, I have 14 miles on the books.    Yes, I could have gotten up at 6:00 to run like many of my dedicated friends, but I didn’t.    I waited up for hubby to get home as dozing on the couch is not quality sleep and didn’t make it to bed till almost 1:00.    Then I have my son’s birthday party today at 2:30 and this morning will require some last minute running around for it.    Especially since I realized that I forgot to buy plates!   I want to enjoy the morning with family.

I will run tonight. I will light up the night.   I’m no fool, I know that I need to get my training in to do the things I want to do.   It would be like expecting my children to do good in school without putting in the work.

I really am trying to be better with my training, but it’s hard.   I’m not complaining even if it sounds like it.   I’m just tired.   I’m sure that once we get into the fall schedule it will be better.    I also know that I’m the one who asked to do all this.   I’m the one who signed up for all the races.    I’m the one who hired a coach who puts together kick ass 6 day a week training schedule.   I’m also the one who has to do the work.

And I will.

as one of my favorite expressions says….

It is

What it is



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