Chasing the Dream

Although we have had some cold spells recently, winter did not official seem to arrive until this week.   We had a dusting of snow and with any luck we are going to be hit by a big snow storm this week.   Yes, I said with any luck.   I love the snow.   I love to run in the snow.   It’s nice.   It’s peaceful.  It’s beautiful!   And there is also something that makes you feel a little bad ass about running in the snow.

All that being said, it has been pointed out to me that there is only 8 weeks until the New York City Half.   Oh no!!   This will more than likely bring fast paced runs which the snow and ice might wreck havoc with.   I hope it doesn’t force me inside to the dreadmill!

This is the half that I really would like to hit what will probably be my max PR for a half ever.   This is the elusive sub 2 that I am chasing.   I will be content with this and can then hang up my speed shoes afterwards.  (maybe) As the saying goes,  “Don’t put off ’till tomorrow what you could do today.”    This is kind of how I feel about this half.

As someone who will be turning another year older this year, I know that my time to pick up speed is short especially when I didn’t start off that fast.  Not that I’m getting that old, but I will be getting to the point where I will have to say that I am in my mid to late 40’s.   I am a Master Runner:)   I once thought that title was assigned to elite runners.   I didn’t know it was something that I could age into.   It sounds impressive anyway to say that I am a Master Runner, so I’ll take the title even though I only earned it by the number on the calendar.   I will continue to  push the envelope as long as I am able to which will be a LONG while to come and today.   Well maybe not today as I technically am still in recovery from my trail marathon,   but soon.   Very soon.

I’ve got to say though that I am a little apprehensive about it.  I am thinking about what it  will take to get me there or I should say how far I’m going to have to push myself to make it happen   I think what might be making me nervous is the fact that my coach keeps telling me to make sure to follow her recovery plan for me as she wants me to go into my training recovered and rested.   My question is “WHY?”

Maybe I don’t want to think about that today and just enjoy another 5 mile easy jog.   The rest will come soon enough or more accurately the hard work will come soon enough.

I do also think of the expression that sums it up


So I guess my dreams are big enough, because the ones I’ve dreamed up this year scare me a lot!


What do you dream of doing that scares you?


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