Best Marathon Signs

We’ve all done the long lonely training runs.   We can all admit that they suck.  Part of it really is not the running, because we all love that or we wouldn’t be doing what we are doing.   Now I’m not saying that anyone has woken up early for a training run and thought, “I am so excited to be running 18 miles.”   If they have, these are the people I worry about.  We do them because we know that we need to do them.   We do them because we are looking at the bigger picture.    We do them because if we didn’t, we know that we probably won’t reach our goals and might not cross the finish line.

Somehow though running all those miles in a race is different.   It’s actually easy to figure out.

The excitement of the start line.

The comradery of the everyone else lined up with you.

The bling at the end!

Cheering families along the course

Cheering strangers along the course

Great motivating signs!

I had all of these during MCM.   I wish that I could have taken a picture of some of the great signs that I saw along the way.   Being as I was running my heart out, I didn’t stop to take any pictures of the signs along the course.

First I MUST mention the Blue Mile.   For those of you not familiar, this is a group that is dedicated to honoring our service members for their sacrifice and to remember all that was given.   Their slogan is Wear Blue to Remember and you can find out more about them here.   This was a VERY moving mile at about the half way point of the race where the have signs with pictures, names, age, and where the soldier died.   The runners around me all went through this mile quietly.   I know that as I looked at each the signs that I passed, I reflected on all those lost lives.   So many.   So young.   Broken families.    I wanted to cry for them.   I wanted to run for them as a way of running for those that could no longer.    Then at the end of this reflection, you depart into a sea of American Flags held by volunteers many of you know are there for personal reasons.   They pumped you back up with high fives, cheers, and just being there.   I can honestly say that this was the most memorable mile that I think that I have ever run in my life.

There were the other signs along the race.   There were more than a few that made me laugh out loud.   For real!    So I thought that I would share them.   For obvious reasons, I did not get any pictures of them as I was kind of busy running.   So these pictures will have to do…

Sign Sign2

Then there were these two…




These are much, much, much better than “You’re almost there” which we all know is a lie!

What was your favorite race sign?

2 thoughts on “Best Marathon Signs

  1. I love reading signs during a race. Some I actually catch myself laughing out loud. I have think the best one I ever saw was one that said you trained long than kim Kardashian’s marriage. That’s when she was married to that other guy for about a mth….too funny!

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