Friday Five – Five Things That Make Me Happy

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Today’s Theme

5 Things That Make Me Happy

Now, I will say these are not in order of importance, but the first one does help me enjoy the rest of them:)

1.  Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

As long as it’s light and sweet, I am good to go.    Be it iced, hot, latte, cappuccino, or even ice cream.


2.   Running Friends

Running is enjoyable in and of itself, but I know that I would not be getting as much out of it without my running friends.   We encourage each other.    We really do want to hear about what your running.   Most importantly, we enjoy hanging out and laughing together.


3.   Vermont

Yes, I know this was on my last list; but I can’t help it.   I really love it.   It is a beautiful place to go and it is a special place for my family.   My husbands family has been going there for 30 plus years.   My family has been going since it was just my husband and me.  I think in our 17 years together, I have missed 2 trips and one was because I was 8 months pregnant with my third child and my husband took the older boys.

Camping isn’t for everyone, but I do love it.   I say it forces us to be a family.   There is no tv, computer or such to keep us “busy.”   Therefore, we play cards and other such games together.  Sometimes we just sit by the fire or lay in the hammock. There is no cell service on site and it is nice to disconnect from the world.   One of the best things is the ability to get away from the 24/7 news cycle.


4.   Family and Friends that are like Family

Life would not be the same without them and they are really what makes it worth it.

5.   My Dogs

There is something to be said about dogs.   They love you unconditionally and really all they want is to be with you.   Maybe some treats, but they love you even without them.    As I’m typing this my little guy is literally at my feet just happy to be hanging out with me.  Although, he does like to get out and have some fun too!


What are five things that make your happy?

4 thoughts on “Friday Five – Five Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Ha. Coffee was number one on my list too. My dogs fill our lives with so much love but I only gave them a brief mention. I think they are mad. I’ve never been to Vermknt but agree we should all unplug and spend time together.

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