Word of the Week – Mile

Definition of MILE

1.  any of various units of distance: as

2.  a race of a mile
3. a relatively great distance, degree, or interval —used chiefly adverbially in plural <was miles ahead of them in education>
Yes, a mile is a physical distance.
Yes, we often ask other runners, “How many miles did you do?”
Yes, sometimes one mile can feel like a never ending distance.
Yes, sometimes we get caught up in the numbers of them.
yes, some people can run an amazingly fast mile leaving the rest of us in the dust.
As one of my favorite and oh so truthful saying goes….


I will never see the day where I come remotely close to a 6 minute mile, but I can still run a mile.   I can actually run a lot of miles now.    Although when I first started, I couldn’t even run a half a mile.   Truth be told, I probably couldn’t run a quarter of a mile.    Now my normal runs average about 4-5 miles and the mileage is only going to go up as I begin marathon training.  What I once thought was impossible to do, I do on a regular basis.   I am not saying this to toot my own horn (toot, toot), but to encourage you  to push yourself to do what you think might be impossible.   Little by little.   Day by day.   Chip away at the things holding you back and you will be amazed at how far you can go!
Don’t forget that each mile good or bad is a blessing.
Enjoy the air in your lungs, the sound of your feet on the pavement, and enjoy the view.
Us runners are a lucky group:)
What is holding you back?

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