Race Day Recap

Yes, Sunday was Father’s Day.   Yes, I had another race.   That being said I didn’t realize it was Father’s Day when I signed up and my husband was fine with me racing again, so all was good.   I will say that it feels good not to have another NYRR event on the calendar till September  for the Bronx 10 miler and then October for the Staten Island Half.   Then I’m done and will have my nine!   That being said though, it’s not like I’m going to go into rest mode over the summer as Marathon training is starting but that is a discussion for another day.

Today is all about race day!

Queens 10K-4

Going into this race I had no real plan.   I had some ideas, but no plan.   Part of the reason that I didn’t have a plan was because according to the forecast we were going to be experiencing major storms.   The forecast was so dire that NYRR even pushed back the start time an hour the night before.   That was nice for the extra sleep but bad because it meant a later return home.   Although we really didn’t sleep much later as the clown car still left at 6:30ish.

I was prepared for the monsoon.   Even cutting up a garbage bag the night before for a throw away poncho.    Luckily, I did not need it but it is good to be prepared.   I also decided not to wear my Hoka Ones as I didn’t want to ruin them.    I fear this was a mistake because by mile 5 my left foot was screaming.   I won’t make that mistake again.   I also thought since this was going to be a wash out that I would just make it a fun run and not push it at all hence not needing the Hoka’s.   Then a funny thing happened.   The weather forecast was wrong.   Not just a little wrong, but majorly wrong.   We had some showers in the evening and barely a sprinkle when we arrived.   Other than that, no raging storms.   It ended up actually being VERY hot and humid.   Very similar to last weeks Oakley temperatures.

Queens 10K-3

We arrive at Citi-field and the horrors of the parking we heard about from last year thankfully did not happen.   So we had some time to spare.   We walked to the corral area meeting some other Mama’s along the way.   For some reason, I don’t know if it was the daze of the morning or what; but it seems that we failed to get a group shot.   I’m not sure how we let that happen.   Boo us.   Boo.

I will say that the Corrals this week were tight and moved up quickly on each other.   Last week they had people checking to make sure that you were entering your correct corral.   Not so much this week.   I’m wondering if they had volunteers bail because of the “weather”   as we seemed to be all mixed together and smooshed.   I did not enjoy it, but I do think it helped me start strong as I’m not a big fan of the crowds like that.

Standing in the corral gave me the push I needed to get moving.   I still had no plan as far as pacing, but just took off when I crossed the start line.   My goal was to get a little space.   I glanced at my watch here and there during the race, but for the most part kept a consistent pace during the entire race without really trying.    Although it would have been much easier to do if it wasn’t for people strolling in the middle of the course, but that is for a different days discussion.   There was also the dodging of the potholes and puddles.   So according to my Garmin, I ran 6.35 not 6.2.  I’m thinking that is from the weaving.

Queens 10K

Mile 6 was my slowest because by that time my foot had really decided that although I was running in good shoes, that these shoes were not the shoes for me.   Not enough cushioning.   Not at all.  I pushed through it though telling myself the faster that I got to the finish line, the faster I would be able to rest it.   I will also say that the slow down wasn’t attributed to any other factor as I felt good otherwise.  Hotter than Hell and drenched in sweat, but overall good.    I even managed once I hit the six mile mark to sprint to the finish.   There is something to be said for doing that.  Try it sometime and you will see what I’m talking about.   I can’t wait to see those race photos even if I don’t purchase them:)

I’m still waiting on NYRR to post the “official” time and give me my check for the 9 plus 1 and my third borough race. My “unofficial’ NYRR time is


If you notice, my Garmin time is only one second off.   Not too shabby.

Queens 10K-2

What did you run this weekend?

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