Word of the Week – Training

I haven’t done this in a few weeks and I thought I would come back to it for today.

Today’s Word of the Week is


(ˈtreɪnɪŋ) n

1.  a. the process of bringing a person, etc, to an agreed standard of proficiency, etc, by practice and instruction: training for the priesthood; physical training.

b. (as modifier): training college.
2. in training

a. undergoing physical training
b. physically fit
3. out of training physically unfit
Sadly it is so easy from going to Training to Out of Training and much harder to go back to Training.   Right now I’m in between the two.    I am training for My Birthday Half Marathon (that’s what the Moore Half is “officially” called now), but I’m also a little Out of Training.   I have my plan, but I am not following it to the letter T.   I’ve still got some tenderness in my ankle which I finally made an appointment to see a Podiatrist for and I’ve got some foot discomfort.   I think the later is from needing a new pair of shoes.   I realized after talking to a friend that I’ve had these shoes since before the Hat Trick.  I then trianed and ran the Philly Marathon in them and have been running in them since.    It’s time for new shoes.   That being said, I am going to wait till I see the Podiatrist to see if she recommends a certain type of shoe.
Love a good reason to buy new shoes!
Back to Training…
When you have what seems like race after race after race, I will admit that training isn’t so much about training in as much about retention.   Now there is training involved when it comes to my goals of reaching a certain time, but many of these races are really not to push the boundaries as to reach the end goal of my 9 plus 1.    I still hope to meet my goal of a 2;00 hour half marathon, but I will need to train for that and train hard.
A friend who ran the NYCM last year and is doing the 9 plus 1 and I were talking.   She was saying how she can’t wait till she is done training, because it’s getting old.   It’s getting tiring of doing the same thing and to be honest she is thinking she wants to try new things.   Can’t blame her.   I sometimes feel the same way.   I’ve said more than once that after this year, I will not run as many races next year and only run the NYC Half and the NYCM.   Then I will be free to run or do other events that I want.   I’m not sure if that will be the case as I always end up pushing some boundary somewhere.   Who knows.
All I know is that sometimes, I do have to push myself out the door.   Sometimes I don’t.  Today was one of them.  I was going to run 3 miles after the dog trainer came today.   Yes, I need a dog trainer.   Finn doesn’t but I do.   Anyway after she left, I layed down on the couch thinking I would only rest a few minutes.   I was tired after staying up late the last couple nights catching up on things and getting up early or in the night with Finn.   So instead of running my 3 miles today, I ended up taking a LONG nap.   You know what?   That’s ok.    Training is good, but pushing you body to the limits without giving it down time is not good.
My baby even napped next to me:)
Know your limits.
Know when to push them.
Know when to back away.
Know when to Run:)

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