Starting off on the Right Foot:)

So this week as I said I would do, I climbed back on the wagon.

Yesterday was a rest day and I took full advantage of it too.   I figured the best way to start off on the right foot is with not necessarily pretty feet but good feet..   It’s been a hard winter and my feet showed it.   I’ve also been majorly overdo for a pedicure too and my feet showed it.   Normally they ask if you want callouses removed.   This time it wasn’t phrased as a question but a statment.

I felt bad for the girl who practically had to use a hacksaw to fix my feet.


I think her expression reflects the level of duress that she was under! I think she should have been wearing a hazmat suit.  Don’t look too closely at this picture as you may loose your lunch.  Also my legs are wrapped and that is why they look they way they do.    I’m just glad the chairs next to me were empty!  Don’t worry, I tipped well.

She did a great job and now my feet are ready to begin my training.


Yes, even Finn will now sit at my feet:)

And Yes, I snuck in a picture of my dog.

Since I’m trying to modify my training not just to alleviate boredom but also to try to keep over training injuries at bay, today I did 6 miles on the bike at the gym and some abs.  Can’t wait for the streets to be clear of snow as I really do need to train more on my actual bike.   Last year, I felt very uncomfortable with my bike at both Triathlons that I did. I was not fluid and felt out of step.   I need more bike time to fix that.   It was a hard decision not to run today because it really is so nice out, but if I’m going to have a plan I really should follow it.

Tomorrow, hopefully, swimming.   I haven’t done that in a LOOOOONG time.   I need to check the pool schedule and then see what happens.

What do you do to keep your training interesting?

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