Taking The Day Off

So after my post yesterday, I did some thinking.   I had a few friends contact me.   I did some more thinking and then a little more.

I’m wondering if I was also having the “I didn’t get into the NYC Marathon blues.”    The drawing was yesterday.   If you couldn’t tell, I didn’t get in.   I didn’t expect to get in, but I still dreamed of being a lucky lottery winner.   If my Grammy didn’t teach me anything, she taught me that my family is not destined to win any lottery drawing.   If that was the case, her 50 years of buying and tracking her numbers would have hit by now.   So, I knew I wouldn’t be that lucky, but I did dare to dream.  There are other dreams though:)

I am giving myself a snow day.   I am actually giving myself a snow weekend to come up with my plan.   Yes, I’m working on it.   As my cohort said, I do need “to go to the gym and lift some heavy things.”   So that is part one of the equation.   I’m working on part two.   I will have a plan and implement it.   I’m just not sure what it is yet:)


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