I’m So Tired.


As I mentioned yesterday, we got a new puppy.   His name is Finn and I underestimated how much having him would impede me from my training.    I forgot how much time would be required.   Logically, I knew but I still didn’t add it all up.   For example, yesterday I had planned to run.   It was brutally cold.   Brutally.   I still thought about running.   I thought about going to the Y to run, but then I napped on the couch when Finn napped. Like a Baby, I have been getting up with him multiple times a night.   Except unlike a baby, I am ending up outside in 4 degree weather.   Then I come in and can’t necessarily fall right back to sleep.   So I’m tired.   So tired.

We are trying to crate training him.   I know that I’m not doing it right.   This morning, my son came out to the living room to find me snuggled next to the cage sleeping with the dog who was not in the cage.   I admit it.   I’m weak.   I’m a patsy.   I’m working on it.   I have a Dog Trainer coming to the house today who is going to tell me all the things that me (and my family) are doing wrong.   I’m hoping with some professional help, I will be better.

But since I’ve only had Finn for a few days, I’m giving myself a chance to get into the new routine with him as it will need to be tweaked in the beginning.   I will make sure to include my training time on his schedule.   I will work it out.   I will do what I need to do.   Not just for me, but for him as well.   As my sister said there is nothing better than a well trained Big Dog and Finn is going to be a decent size.  He is a Entlebucher Mountain Dog.  Most people have never heard of this bread.   He’s Swiss and he end up about 70 pounds.

But when he’s bigger, he will need a decent amount of exercise.   I envision running trails with him.

Finn3  It’s going to be so much fun and I think he will like it too!   But like anything else it’s going to take some work to get to the fun part.   Not that some of it isn’t fun now:)


2 thoughts on “I’m So Tired.

  1. He is absolutely precious. And will be so worth all those sleepless nights.

    I have only one dog who is well crate-trained. As in that’s his safe place and that’s where he sleeps and all that (but he was a rescue and he was trained that way before he came to his forever home with us). The others have all kind of looked at the crate and been like “You sleep there, lady. I’m hopping in this nice bed, kthksbai.” But, when you have pugs, it’s a little less of an interruption, and more of the way things are with pugs.

    Hang in there. The puppy phase isn’t forever. ❤

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