What are You Running in 2015 – Friday Five


Yeah, I’m blogging today.   It’s been a crazy week preparing and then getting a new puppy, but I didn’t want to miss the Friday Five Link-up with by Eat, Pray, Run DC,   Mar on the Run, and You Signed Up for What?

Today’s Theme

Five Races to Run in 2015


This is a big year for me running wise.   This is the year, I am actually plainning out my events.   Yes, I will add some along the way as they come up, but I’ve got a lot that need to be planned out since I’m doing the 9 plus 1.    That being said, there are some races that I am doing just for me!

Sandy Hood Triathlon, September 13


This one has special meaning as this is the race that got me off my behind and running.   This will be my 3rd year now and I’m hoping that three times is the charm.   Last year they added miles to the bike route and it kicked my behind.   So this year I’m hoping to beat last years time as a whole.   This one is on the bay, but in Sandy Hook National Park right along the beach.

Paine to Pain Trail Half Marathon, October 4 

My running cohort did this last year and she said it was a really nice run.   So why not?    Plus fall is such a nice time to run the trails!

Superhero Halloween Half Marathon, October 18

Doesn’t the name say why I want to run it.  This is a Superhero event and I ran one last year in May and it was a lot of fun.   Besides, doesn’t it sound like fun.   Costumes.   Candy!   Running with a group of MRTT ladies.   Sounds perfect (except, of course the 13.1 miles:)

NYRR Ladies only Moore Half Marathon, April 19th

It’s my birthday and I think this is an awesome way to spend it.   This one will also count for my 9 plus 1 program too.    I’m still deciding if I’m going to push it and try to do it 2 hours as one of my goals for the years is to run a 2 hour half.   What better way to say that I won’t feel 46 than running a half fast:):)

NY Scotland Run 10K, April 4

This just sounds like fun.   I will use it as a training run and enjoy the bag pipes and festivities.   Plus another one to count for my 9 plus 1 in NY.

What are you running in 2015?

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6 thoughts on “What are You Running in 2015 – Friday Five

  1. Ahh your puppy is so, so cute! I sneak my dog’s pic in every post….we don’t need a reason other than the fact that they are our pups! 🙂 Looks like you have some fun races this year!

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