Putting it All in Perspective

Today was the day.   Today was the day that I was going to be picked for the #AMRSaucony Winner.    Just like Saturday night I was going to win the lottery.  Actually, I did throw my name in the hat for the Every Mother Runner Saucony Winner.   I knew that I wouldn’t win.   I even said so to a fellow Mama when she asked while we were out on a run.    Not to say that there wasn’t a part of me that was dreaming, because there should always be hope in all that we do.    It’s just I’m a bit of a realist.    Although I will say that Amy from Amyupnorth.com sounds amazing and I congratulate her on being picked.   Can’t wait to read more from her and I do have to say Kudos to the way that Every Mother Runner announced it.   Very cool showcasing a lot of other mother runners.

Now all that being said, I admit I was disappointed. I’m a realist, but just like when I realize that I didn’t win the lottery I am slightly disappointed.   But then I had a reality check.   I had plans this morning to spend with a friend helping her make cake pops for her Breast Cancer Support Group.  Thankfully, my friend is on her way to recovery.   She is finished with her Chemo.   Just finished up another surgery and is one her way!   We had a fun morning, but it does put things in perspective.   Not just about the blog, but about my training and life in general.


Before she came over I was looking at my totals for last week.  I realized how much I had allowed myself to slack last week.   Some due to weather.   Some due to the couch just being too comfy on a weekend morning.  I just didn’t bring my A game.  Although, I did do the speed workout, but still only did 2 out of the 5 runs my training plan called for me to do.  Ooops.   No excuses.   I’m hoping that this week will be better.

I know one thing that motivates me is just seeing what everyone else is doing.   It makes me feel like a slacker, but I’ve been a slacker so I should feel like one.    Although, I am thankful for these groups, their motivation and inspiration.   If not for them, I think it would be so much easier to hang up my shoes and call it a day.    It’s hard to do when you see what all the BAMR’s are doing.   They don’t make excuses and just get it done.   I think the key to keeping yourself on track besides having a goal is to have friends who will text, message, or call you to see how your training is going,   People who want to meet for a run, a yoga session, or just compare notes.   People who also have goals.

Who Inspires you?

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