Friday Five Things about My Childhood

Today is Friday Five link-up hosted by Eat, Pray, Run DC,   Mar on the Run, and You Signed Up for What?

FF 1.   When I was about 10, I went a local amusement park and rode the roller coaster 32 times in a row.  This may be an exaggeration, but this is how I remember it.    We kept getting off running around and getting back on again as there was no line.   To this day, I still love Roller Coasters and go on them with my boys now!


2.   I had a Schnauzer named Pepper who everyone but me hated.   I can’t blame them as Pepper only liked me:)  I even saved his life when a German Shepard attacked him.   He returned the favor by waking me up when I fell asleep with a small candle on my big boom box (remember those?) and it melted through tipping the candle.   The curtains were about to catch fire when he woke me up.   Thanks to him, I’m here today.

3.   I went to a Catholic High School by choice even though we weren’t Catholic.   I was ready for a change.

4.   I lived in 6 different houses before I turned 20.    One of them was literally just up the street from the other.    I now judge time frames depending upon which house I lived in.    I never want to move again and my children will grow up in the same house I’ve lived in for going on 16 years now.

5.  I was a very shy kid who took a while to come out of my shell, but once I was your friend I had your back.   I’m not as shy now, but I am still have my moments.   I will still go to bat for anyone I call a friend.

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