What’s In Your Bag – Friday Five

Friday means another Friday Five link-up hosted by Eat, Pray, Run DC,   Mar on the Run, and You Signed Up for What?

Today’s topic –

5 Things in your Gym Bag

Now first of all, I will admit because I’m somewhat of a freak; I have 4 different bags that I keep together.

The first is my swim bag for when I’m good and actually swimming.

The second is my running bag which has all the goodies I might want or need  and then some.

The third is my yoga bag

Then there is my gym bag.

It’s a good organizational system for me, because I can just grab the appropriate bag for the appropriate activity.  Not that I currently have a routine or anything, but when I’m in the zone it works:)

So my gym bag that I use….

gym1.  Jump Rope – when your all of 5 foot 2, you want to have your own jump rope.   It just makes it easier as most of them are just too long.

2.  Gloves – my feet are calloused enough without having to worry about getting work man’s hands.   So when I lift, I use gloves.  I also have a pair of warm gloves on the off chance we are running outside.

3.  Extra Water – normally I take a reusable water bottle, but sometimes I need extra water and it’s always good to have afterwards too.

4.  Extra Head Band and Hair tie – just because:)

5.   Towel – With any luck I will work up enough of a sweat to need it and I am a sweater!  TMI

Some of the other things come and go in my bag, but these items usually can be found at any given day.

Now I am off to see what everyone else keeps in their bags.   It’s kind of like looking in someone’s purse.   You never know what you will find!

What’s in you bag?

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