Be All That You Can BE

I’ve been told recently that I am a competitive person.   It was pointed out that I run the races that I do only because I’m competitive.   I’ve even been told that my cake baking proves that I am competitive because no one spends hours on a cake unless to “show off.”

I’m going to show off now…..




These are birthday cakes that I made for my boys birthday parties.   These were the “family” cakes.

I am proud of them.  i do like to show them off:)

Moving along…..

I, honestly, do not agree with this assessment that I am competitive.  Yes, I like to bake extravagant cakes.   Yes, I like to run all types of races.   Yes, I post it all over the place and am proud of my work and accomplishments.   That being said, I am not a competitive person.  I have a very simple reason how I can prove that I’m not competitive too.

Because although I am decent at cake decorating and I am usually a middle of the packer in my races, the truth of the matter is that if I compare myself to others I will not win.

Now, hold on……

I’m not putting myself, my skills, or anything down.  I’m speaking honestly.   I’m ok with it.   I know that I would never win the next great baker competition.  I also know that I do have some mad skills:)  I know that I will never win any of the races that I enter. I also know that I have come unbelievably far in a short amount of time.  Knowing that there are those who are better than me, doesn’t take away from any of the enjoyment that I get from them.   Not in the least.  It might even allow me to enjoy them more than those that are always trying to prove themselves because if you are always looking at what someone else is doing you are missing out on what you are doing..

There is NOTHING wrong with being a middle of the packer.

With anything.

As I tell my boys, the only thing that you can do in life  is to try your hardest.   I give whatever I do 100%.   The only person that I ever compete with is myself.   All I want to do is push MY limits.   Do the best that I CAN do.   If you waste your energy comparing yourself to everyone else that leaves very little time to see what you can accomplish.

It’s ok not to be in the front of the pack.

It’s ok not to win.

Just remember that the only person that you are really competing with is yourself.

The Army got it right….

Be All That You Can Be

Every Day.

In every part of your life.

Unless your Shirley McClain, you only live once.

So you might as well give it your all:)


Lastly, I just want to say that I am not putting anyone down who is competitive.   It’s just not my nature:)

Are you competitive?

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