Friday Five: Staying on Track During the Holidays!

DC_linkupSo after yesterday’s post Is It Really Just a Number? Yes, it is; this is a timely Friday 5!

We’ve all either been working so hard or just starting out on our journey to get fit and healthy.

Then BAM

along come the Holiday’s!

First Thanksgiving which literally revolves around food.

(yes, this is cake)


Then for my family we are off to Christmas

which means

cookie exchanges


Gingerbread houses


Family and friend gatherings

New Year’s Celebrations.


The New Year’s guilt and getting back on track


what if there didn’t have to be any New Year’s Guilt?

What if we could still enjoy all our festivities while not finding that our clothes are shrinking.

That’s what today’s Friday Five is all about

5 ways to stay on track / healthy during the holidays

Now, I’m still trying to figure this out and I know that I won’t be perfect so

  1. Maybe instead of meeting friends for lunch, we could meet for pedicures, shopping, or even a run.   It’s about spending time with our friends not about the food.
  2. Sign up for a local Turkey Tot, Jingle Fun Run or any sort of silly usually short race.   They are not only fun, but it will also keep you motivated.   I’ve also signed up for the Half Marathon for January.   Yes, I’m going to freeze my butt off but I will have to keep running through the holiday’s to be ready for it and I won’t be alone!   Grab a friend to join you.
  3. Tweak your recipes to make them healthier.    This is always a tough one, but there are ways to do it. It does take more planning, time and less processed food.   Pintrest is a wonderful thing
  4. Don’t drink your calories.   For me I’m not even talking alcohol.   I’m talking homemade hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows or Eggnog.    I’m the only one in my house who likes Eggnog, therefore there is no reason for it to be in my fridge all month long.  I vow when the container in my fridge is gone; I will not buy another one till I’m having company.  I will also NOT make marshmallows until right before Christmas!
  5. Life is short.   Enjoy it which if for me means partaking in the food of the Holiday’s.  So I’m going to go for it!   Just don’t go for all of it.   So when at cookie exchange, party, ect; I will eat.    But to make sure that I’m not going over board, I will not nibble.   I will make a small plate up thereby monitoring what I’m eating.   It’s a lot easier to keep track of how many cookies I’ve had by making a plate up.  To see the actual amount I will eat than haphazardly pick one by one up with no idea how many I’m actually eating.  This strategy will work for any Holiday party too.

I do plan to enjoy my Holiday’s this year.  I know that life is short and meant to be lived, so I am going to live it.   That is one of the reasons that I work so hard.   I do want my cake and eat it too!   If I stay motivated, keep on track and maybe just tweak things just a little it will all work out.   And if doesn’t that just means that I need to work out a little longer:)

Here’s hoping:)

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19 thoughts on “Friday Five: Staying on Track During the Holidays!

    • In my family if they don’t know I’ve tweaked a recipe, they don’t even notice. That’s how I got my kids loving mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes but if they had Known ahead of time, they would never even have tried them.

  1. Over the fall / winter I need to remember to limi the hot chocolate and hot apple cider so as to not get too many calories from them. But they’re just so good…

    • Hot chocolate is my weakness all winter long!! I tried to fool myself last year when I had a BIG cup of hot chocolate with a yummy homemade marshmallow in it that I was getting calcium. This winter, I am going to try to limit it to one or two nights a week without the marshmallow.😁

  2. I love your idea of finding fun ways to catch up with family and friends that don’t revolve around food. I would much rather get a mani pedi than fill up on sweets! Great suggestion 🙂 And good luck on the half!

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